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With Us, You Can Relax


Our dedicated team will arrive at your property on the same day each week through the entire mowing season. If weather interrupts your normally scheduled day, Hager Outdoor will communicate your makeup day as close to your routine day as possible. Communication and spectacular, lush green grass are what we aim for every season!


We specialize in cleaning up your property after the winter months have passed. Our expert teams clean up and haul away leaves, winter debris, and last year’s growth. We offer redesign and fresh planting ideas and lay fresh mulch and rock. We do it all, beginning the moment Spring arrives!



A zero-chemical, non-toxic barrier keeping mosquitos and ticks away from your outdoor spaces completely! Our licensed experts will manage your spray routine in coordination with the mosquito season and the weather. We will communicate your days of service ahead of your scheduled date, so you’ll know when to expect us! Our organic mosquito and tick control spray is 100% safe for people and pets!



Our organic Japanese beetle control consists of treatments coating your tree trunks, low branches, shrubs, and landscaped beds. A licensed applicator on the Hager Outdoor team will visit your property every two weeks to maintain an active barrier against Nebraska’s Category 3, generally infested region. 


Our organic spray targets leaf-sucking and chewing insects. It is powerful enough to kill insects at all stages of development, adult, larvae, and egg. And acts as a great fungicide, useful in preventing and eliminating fungus on plants.



Our fertilizer is 100% safe for people and pets. Our four-step organic granular fertilizer program is customized to your turf area. Our licensed professionals are trained and skilled to detect any problems in your lawn and help treat and prevent issues. We perform soil tests and utilize lab results for the perfect diagnosis every time! 



Managing insects and weeds is an ongoing process throughout the year. You will never worry about pests or weeds as a full-service Hager Outdoor customer. From Japanese beetles to mosquitos, we are certified with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to monitor and exterminate potential infestations. All insect control products are 100% safe for people and pets giving you peace of mind and a safe outdoor space.


Hager Outdoor is skilled at laying sod successfully even in the most challenging circumstances! Whether you have an area of your lawn that has struggled to maintain grass growth, want a simplified landscape where tired landscaping needs to be removed and replaced, or have a sandy and soil campground lot where you’d like to play yard games, Hager Outdoor is experienced in achieving beautiful green grass with sod wherever you love to spend your outdoor time!



In beautiful Nebraska counties like Douglas, Washington, and Sarpy we are blessed with abundant mature trees. Hager Outdoor can quickly accomplish a Fall cleanup on your property, removing and hauling away all leaves and sticks that have fallen on your turf and surrounding beds in as many visits as your property and preferences mandate. 



Over time, your soil naturally becomes compacted. Hot sun, hard rain, and months of mowing can lead to a layer of thatch. Thatch is an organic matter made up of dead grass and roots that collect at the base of healthy living grass on your lawn, making it difficult for oxygen, water, and other nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. Aeration improves the health of your grass by allowing roots to grow deeper and stronger. Hager Outdoor's Fall core aeration can protect your landscape from disease and harsh weather, promoting fresh growth that gives you a healthier and more resilient lawn. Annual Fall aeration also helps prevent fertilizer and pesticides from running off due to soil compaction. This is a vital piece to an overall healthy lawn!



Spring is the start of the growing season in our region. If the ground is aerated in Spring, with months of warm weather ahead, weeds have an opportunity to take root before any new seed begins to grow. Spring aeration opens your lawn up to a free-for-all for weeds and disease. Spring is the time of year that your lawn is more vulnerable to disease. The rain in April and May can increase the spread of fungus and disease to healthy roots. We believe Spring aeration can do more harm than good, which is why Hager Outdoor will aerate your yard in the Fall. 



Grass can survive for a few years, but fresh growth is important for the overall health, look, and feel of your turf. Without fresh growth, large sections of your grass can die off all at once, leaving bare patches. Seeding in the Fall invigorates the grass reproductive cycle, encourages fresh growth, and keeps your lawn thicker and healthier through every change of season.


Our seed is Blue-Tag certified by the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association. Blue-Tag is a must to certify the lowest weed percent in your seed. Always ask for the Blue-Tag!



Hager Outdoor has the muscle and machines to tackle any outdoor renovation you’re after! Have you always wanted a vegetable garden? Do you have a patch of property that is overrun with weeds and requires a fresh start? At Hager Outdoor, we can accommodate any project, big or small, with our company-owned equipment.


At Hager Outdoor, we aim for crisp, clean lines between your landscaped beds and green grass. Our commercial edging equipment gives us the flexibility to cut out crisp flower beds, tree rings, or edges along any path and walkway. Your yard will look terrific when the job is complete! 



Hager Outdoor is experienced in laying seed and erosion mats in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Combining erosion mats and seed helps control stormwater runoff, improved soil quality, enhanced seed germination, and a sustained opportunity for grass seed to root and grow. Every custom seed and erosion mat project will include detailed watering instructions to ensure your newly laid grass seed's success.



Our Hager Outdoor team will safely remove snow from your driveways and walkways with commercial, company-owned snow throwing equipment. At Hager Outdoor, we look at the big picture and have found that keeping large, heavy truck blades off your driveways maximizes the life of your concrete and surrounding grassy areas. Our snow removal team will be deployed for each snowfall event that exceeds 1-inch.

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